Academic Fresh Start Petition

Heidelberg students who have returned to Heidelberg University after 5 years from a past attendance are eligible for the Academic Fresh Start policy, when applicable. Read the full policy in the Academic Catalog.

Appeal of Academic Honesty Violation

Students wishing to appeal the decision of a violation of academic honesty from the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration (AVPAA) and/or Investigative Panel should submit an appeal form within 30 business days.

Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal

The Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal form is utilized after a student has completed the required sit out period and wishes to return to Heidelberg. The Application for Readmission, Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal form, and any transcripts from coursework taken while away will be supplied to the appropriate faculty committee. The committee will determine reinstatement conditions or denial to reinstate. Questions regarding the process or status may be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal

This form is to be completed no less than 10 days prior to the start of the term immediately following the enacted suspension or dismissal.

The Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal form is to be completed only when a student has been suspended or dismissed and is appealing the suspension or dismissal. An appeal will be considered only when mitigating circumstances apply and the student wishes to forego the requirement of the suspension sit-out period.

Application for Dual Enrollment

Heidelberg University is a diverse community of learners. Applicants come from a variety of backgrounds and with different interests. The Admission Committee seeks talented and motivated students who will benefit from and contribute to the university experience. Our admission process is highly personalized and we consider the "whole person" as we identify students who would be a good match for Heidelberg. Notifications are generally made within two weeks. Please note, all information submitted on this form and through the admission process will be kept confidential.

Application for Graduate Readmission

Readmission applications should be submitted by applicants who had previously attended Heidelberg, completed coursework, and either withdrew from Heidelberg, or have not registered for classes in over one year. If you have never completed any courses at Heidelberg, please submit a new student online application.


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