Application for Graduate Readmission

Readmission applications should be submitted by applicants who had previously attended Heidelberg, completed coursework, and either withdrew from Heidelberg, or have not registered for classes in over one year. If you have never completed any courses at Heidelberg, please submit a new student online application.

It is suggested to check with the Graduate Admission Office 419-448-2602; to make sure additional or updated documents are not needed. You can review admission deadlines online. Students who have not attended Heidelberg in over 6 years (or over 1 year if previously a non-degree student) may no longer have documents on file, and coursework may no longer apply to a degree program.

Personal Information
Required if applying for US Federal financial aid with the FAFSA form
Contact Information
Permanent Home Address
Mailing Address
Education Information
 School NameLocation (City, State, ZIP/Postal Code, Country)Dates Attended (mm/yy-mm/yy)Est. # of Credits EarnedDegree/Cert. Earned
School 1
School 2
School 3
Enrollment Information
In addition to one's primary track counseling students may elect to complete academic requirements for license only in the alternate track. Select an option below:
The "Curriculum & Instruction" track is open to applicants who are already licensed teachers. The "Generalist" track is for applicants who do not hold a teaching license. The teacher cohort is a group of licensed teachers completing the program together. Please note: Licensure is not part of the MAE program.
Complete as a non-degree student or as electives in the MAE degree program - must hold a valid teaching license.
Complete as a non-degree student or as electives in the MAE degree program - must hold a valid teaching license.
 Name of Cert or LicenseTeaching Area Validations, EndorsementsState
Cert. or License 1
Cert. or License 2
Cert. or License 3
List name and type of each teaching, supervisory or administrative certificate or license that you hold
Additional Information
It is usually the year you originally entered Heidelberg. Ex. 2010-11. If no catalog year is listed, you will be defaulted to the current catalog.
Optional Demographic Information

No information you provide in this section will be used in a discriminatory manner. This information is requested so that we can refer you to financial assistance available to students meeting certain designated criteria.

Other Required Information

By clicking Submit (below), I affirm that the information presented in my application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any intentional omission or misrepresentation of information on this form could result in denial of admission or dismissal from the University. I am aware that all transcripts submitted to Heidelberg in support of my application become the property of the University.