Application for Graduation

Your name will not be placed on the graduation list unless this form is fully completed and returned by October 15th.

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Personal Information
Indicating NO means your name will not be associated with any academic honors due to GPA FERPA laws.
Name Information
The name on the diploma must be the same name used while earning the degree. You may choose to list your middle initial or middle name. If your name has changed, please provide legal documentation. Please enter your name exactly as it should appear on your diploma.
Please provide a phonetic spelling of first, middle and last name. For example: "Raul Gonzalez" = rah-OOL gon-SAH-les

Please list your home town and state/country for the commencement program.

Graduate Degree Information
Ex. 2011-12
If a Master’s student is within 12 graduate semester hours of fulfilling all requirements for graduation (has registered for such credits and been audited by the Registrar) by the Wednesday before the May Commencement, then he/she may participate in Commencement as a summer graduate. The 12 semester hour limit includes any grades of PR or incompletes. Students with outstanding work, but walk, are not eligible for awards until all work is complete. Diplomas will be mailed approximately two weeks after your conferral date.
Undergraduate Degree Information
Ex. 2011-12. It is usually the year that you entered Heidelberg.
University policy permits a student who is registered for all outstanding credits during the summer term to participate in the graduation ceremony in May. Honors and awards are not acknowledged in May since the degree is not complete. The diploma is held by the Registrar until coursework is satisfactorily completed. Transcripts and/or grades must be received no later than deadline published in the University Catalog. Diplomas will be mailed approximately two weeks after your conferral date.

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