Work Request Form

This is the first step in the process. We will review the request and be in touch with any questions or to confirm the project.

If you need help with this form contact the Office of Marketing and Communication Services (419)-448-2171.

Contact Information
For the person that we should contact about this project.
If the project involves an event, include the name of the event. Ex.: Postcard for Spring Open House, Poster and Invitation for Jazz Band Concert, Updates to Admission website, News Release for Dean's List
For print projects, this should be at least 2 weeks away. For web projects this should be at least 1 week away.
Digital projects include logos and TV tiles. You can select more than one option. Ex.: You need a poster and a web update
Print Projects
Print projects will require final approval, in writing or by email, before the files are released to you for printing.
A reprint may be either exact or have very minor text updates. Large text or any image updates are considered redesigns.
New Project
Black and white is cheaper. Gray is not a color, it counts as black.
Colored and Special paper has an additional cost. If you choose Special, we will work with you to select the appropriate paper.
If you are unsure, leave blank.
Upload proofread FINAL copy. Maximum file size is 2MB.
Upload proofread FINAL copy. Maximum file size is 2MB.
Estimate if you do not know the exact amount
Mailing Services
To qualify for Bulk Mail Rate, the project must have a quantity of at least 500.
A self mailing project does not require an envelope. Ex.: Postcards or brochure with an address area
Design Projects
If you also requested a poster we will re-use the content from the poster.
Width x HeightIf known, in pixels (typically 600px wide)
JPG is the standard image format. If you are unsure what you need, choose JPG.Vector (eps) is normally required for making clothing or large format printing such as banners.
What are you trying to communicate? Include any required copy
Business Cards or Name Badges
Business Cards
Appears under your name as a second line
Name Badges
Middle initial is optional. Degree is optional, if you have a doctorate, we recommend listing it.The primary line has a 24 character limit, including spaces.
Ex.: Johnny Carson, Ed.D.
Secondary Lines
Use these lines for title or department. There is a 35 character limit, including spaces, per line.
Ex.:  Assistant Director of       Marketing & Communication Services
Web Projects

Use the space below to include as much detail as possible. For reference on what type of information is required, please refer to to our FAQ. (sign in using your Heidelberg account)

Your web request will be processed with our ticketing system and you will receive an email alerting you to it's status. If you have not already registered with our service, you will receive a welcome email after submitting your request.

Enter what you want updated here. Be as descriptive as possible!
Social Media
For example a Central Presence is the University Facebook Page or Twitter Account.
Less is often more. Twitter has a 140 character limit.
How is this different than other existing presences?
If none are selected, we will most likely email you jpg files.
Marketing or Consulting
We will contact you to schedule a meeting. The more information you provide below, the more effective the meeting will be.
Copy (editing, writing, proofing)
Cut and paste or include a file below
Cut and paste or include a file below
Ex. brochure, announcement, handout
Please include anything that has not otherwise been covered in the form.